Pete’s books have inspired thousands to take practical actions that enhance themselves and their organizations.

Team Up: Becoming Accountable to your Dreams

“Pete’s inspirational little book is packed with lots of commonsense advice about how to get above the unkept agreements with ourselves about improving our lives. Good tricks for getting rid of your nagging ‘should’s’!”

David Allen,
Creator of Getting Things Done

Team Up offers a simple solution to those who have ever failed at keeping their personal resolutions: Tell people about them. The first half of the book is the true story of three college students who formed a unique system to hold each other accountable to their personal objectives. The second half explores ccountability across different historical periods and approaches to illustrate three principles for success: establishing goals, tracking performance, and sharing commitments.

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The Student Leader’s Field Guide

“There are many books written about student leadership…but none is better than The Student Leader’s Field Guide by Pete Mockaitis”

Hugh O’Brian,
Founder, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership –

In this work, Pete provides leaders of student organizations with practical solutions to their most pervasive, frustrating dilemmas. Having written the book while still a student leading organizations, Pete “keeps it real” with leaders facing daily struggles. Readers bolster their effectiveness by learning how to manage personality clashes, recharge student commitment, gather broad support, facilitate effective meetings, and more.

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